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Tamiya 2.6x10mm Screw Pin 2pcs 51097 Tamiya TA04 King Pin Set 50882 Tamiya TB Evolution IV Ball Head King Pin 51101

Also fit on M03 New Style Suspension King-Pin.

Ball-Head King Pin for TB Evo 4/MS, TRF 415MS and usable with Reversible Light Weight Suspension Kit.

Tamiya Damper O Ring for 44002 TGX Mk1 10pcs 50597 Tamiya DF-03 Front One-Way Bevel Gear 2pcs 53954 Tamiya C.V.A. Mini Shock Unit II V Parts Damper Collar 50598

Front One-Way unit and associated link gear Option Parts for use with the DF-03 chassis. The One-Way Unit is an essential modification that will lock in place during acceleration, minimizing power loss and increasing cornering speed.
*Compatible Chassis: DF-03

Tamiya Differential Spring for 58261 TA04 PRO 9949299 Tamiya 2x25mm Cap Screw 2pcs 9949350 Tamiya DF-03 Bevel Gear Set 51247
2 pieces of Ball Diff Spring for Most Tamiya Chassis.

For Most Tamiya Touring Car Diff. Join. with 2x25mm Diff Cap Screw.

Tamiya DF-03 D Parts Hub Carrier & Rear Upright 51251 Tamiya DF-03 C Parts Front Upright 51250 Tamiya DF-03Ra N Parts Body Mount 51368
Tamiya DF-03Ra Spur Gear Set 51369 Tamiya 05 Module Pinion Gear 32T 51370 Tamiya DF-03 Aluminum One-Piece Propeller Cup Joint 53948

Use this one-piece propeller cup joint in place of kit standard parts to improve transmission efficiency. Connection point with propeller shaft features TRF415MSX Y Part ( 53890 Swing Shaft Protector ) to reduce wear and tear. Features stylish blue aluminum finish, can be used to replace front or rear propeller cup joints.

*When used on rear, the parts cannot be used with 53931 (DF-03 Center One-Way Set)

Compatible chassis: DF-03, DF-03 RA

Tamiya DF-03Ra B Parts Damper Stay 51366 Tamiya DF-03 Aluminum Turnbuckle Steering Rod 53941 Tamiya 05 Module Pinion Gear 23T 25T 53922

Aluminum turnbuckle rod for the DF-03 steering rod that connects to the servo.
* Compatible chassis: DF-03

Tamiya 05 Module Pinion Gear 27T 29T 53923 Tamiya DF-03Ra Carbon Front Damper Stay Set 54189 Tamiya DF-03 Slipper Set 53925

Fine-tune your DF-03Ra with this new carbon front damper stay set. The damper stay set creates greater durability and offers additional damper stay attachment positions. This option part is made with durable, lightweight carbon fiber and the damper stay mounts are produced with blue aluminum. The damper stay and mount provide you with additional strength to cope with the rigors of on-road and off-road driving.

Specs & Features

  • Carbon Front Damper Stay x 1pc.
  • Aluminum Damper stay mount x 2pcs. (Blue)
  • Carbon Damper Stay Setting Spacer Set (from Item 53873) x 2pcs. (Blue)
  • 6.5x3.05x1.0mm spacer x 2pcs. (Blue)
  • Screws and nuts included.
  • Can only be used with DF-03Ra machines.

Optional part for DF-03 & DF-03 RA, slipper clutch is indispensable item for racing buggies. Specially designed slipper clutch protects your R/C car s drive shaft, clutch and engine from the rigors of off-road running and jumping.

Includes new 82T spur gear which can be combined with Items 53922 and 53923 R/C 05 Pinion Gears for increased gear ratio setting choices.

*Compatible chassis: DF-03, DF-03 RA

Tamiya 1:10 Honda Civic Type R R3 JAS Motorsport Body Parts Set 51431 Tamiya DF-03 Front One-Way Set 53953 Tamiya 1:10 Datsun 240Z Rally Unpainted Body Parts Set 51470

Specs & Features

  • Includes a clear polycarbonate body.
  • Length: 423mm, Width: 187mm, Wheelbase: 257mm.
  • Separately molded mirrors, rear wing, and LED cases included.
  • Sticker sheet and masking seals included.
  • Front and rear light cases included to allow installation of separately available LED lights.
  • Can be used with FF-03L, TA05, TB03, DF03Ra, TT-01 and TT-01 Type-E chassis cars.
  • May Fit Most of the 190mm width 1:10 Touring Car Chassis

Usable With:

  • DF-03
  • DF-03 RA

Set includes a clear polycarbonate body.

Separately molded light cases and black light pods.

Sticker sheet included.

Can be used with DF-03Ra, TT-01, and TT-01 Type-E chassis cars (Wheelbase: 251mm).

REQUIRES: Lexan safe spray or brush on paint Scissors and body reamer