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Tamiya Plastic Servo Horn DF02 TT01 Q Parts 51079 Tamiya DF-02 Spur Gear 67T 53703 Tamiya DF-02 U Shaped Shaft 51082
Tamiya DF-02 Spring Set 53702 Tamiya 3x42mm Hard Turnbuckle Shaft Set 2pcs 53942 Tamiya E Parts for DF-02 9005756
Includes two types of springs (soft/hard) front and rear dampers. Using with 53701 allows wider setting options.

3x42mm hard turnbuckle shafts can be used to replace the DT-02 chassis' rear upper arm.
* Compatible chassis: DT-02

Tamiya DF-02 Aluminum King Pins Blue 53787 Tamiya Cup Joint for Universal Shaft TT01 DF02 53790 Tamiya DT03 CVA Damper Set 54567

4 king pins to replace part MB1 in the front axle of the DF-02 chassis. Main screw section is comprised of steel for extra durability with blue anodized aluminum head for weight loss and improved appearance.

Compatible chassis: DF-02

Use with DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft (item 53791) or Assembly Universal Shaft (TT-01, TA04) (item 53792).

Compatible chassis: TT-01, DF-02

These are oil-filled plastic dampers designed to be used for many of Tamiya’s off-road chassis platforms.

  • Contains 4 dampers to complete one chassis.
  • Contents: CVA Mini Shock Units x2; CVA Short Shock Units x2
  • Compatible with DT-03, DT-02, TT-02B and DF-02 chassis cars.
Tamiya DF-02 Turnbuckle Shafts 53788 Tamiya DF-02 Aluminum Steering Link 53865 Tamiya DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft 53791

A set of 7 turnbuckle shafts to replace the front and rear upper suspension arms and steering linkage tie-rod. Actual shaft is comprised of steel for extra durability with a blue anodized aluminum center for weight loss and improved appearance.

Set Includes

  • 28mm turnbuckle shaft x 1
  • 32mm turnbuckle shaft x 2
  • 38mm turnbuckle shaft x 4
  • 5mm adjuster x 14
  • Ball connector x 8

Compatible chassis: DF-02

Compared to a standard axle/dog bone drive shaft, a universal
shaft reduces power loss caused by friction during steering.

  • Compatible chassis: DF-02
Tamiya Buggy High Lubrication Aeration Damper Set 42198

This damper set is an improved version of Item 54028 Buggy Aeration Oil Filled Damper Set.

The normal cylinders are replaced with HL (High Lubrication) cylinders which offer extremely smooth, progressive damper movement.

  • HL Cylinder (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
  • Titanium-Coated Piston Rod (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
  • Spring Adjuster x 4pcs.
  • Coil Spring (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
  • V & X Parts x 2pcs.
  • Piston (Front & Rear) x 2pcs. each
  • Rod Guide
  • Compatible with DN-01, TRF201, DB01, TRF502X, TRF501X, TRF511, DF-03, DF-02, and DT-02 chassis machines.