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KO PROPO 2.4GHz Antenna Cap for EX-10 Helios / Esprit 3 Universe KOP16008 KO PROPO Brake Trigger for EX-1 KOP16061 KO PROPO Transmitter Stand Pink for EX-1 / EX-5 KOP16086

Antenna cap is installed into the EX-10 Helios or Esprit 3 Universe once the regular crystal antenna is removed from the Tx. Included is one cap for the Helios and one for the Esprit 3.

Replacement brake trigger for the EX-1 series.

Transmitter stand Pink for EX-1 series and EX-5 Master series.

KO PROPO Transmitter Stand Orange for EX-1 / EX-5 KOP16087 KO PROPO Transmitter Stand Black EX-1 / EX-5 KOP16082 KO PROPO Plastic Gear for PDS-2413 ICS 3pcs KOP35528

Transmitter stand Orange for EX-1 series and EX-5 Master series.

Transmitter stand black for EX-1 series and EX-5 Master series.

This is the plastic gear replacement in the PDS-2413 ICS servo. Three pieces are included in one package.

KO PROPO Throttle Trigger for EX-10 Helios KOP84003 KO PROPO Servo Case Set for PDS-2501 / 2502 / 2511 / 2512 KOP35023 KO PROPO Small Steering Sponge for EX-1 UR / Helios C2 KOP16176

Replacement trigger for the EX-10 Helios. Disassembly of the transmitter is required.

Replacement servo case for PDS-2501/2502/2511/2512.

Replacement sponge (foam) for the steering wheel for the EX-1 UR and EX-10 Helios C2. This is a smaller diameter sponge that will only work with these steering wheels.

KO PROPO Battery Box Lid for EX-10 Helios KOP16115 KO PROPO KR-408S / 409S / 411FH Antenna KOP25503 KO PROPO Heat Sink Type 1 Nickel Zinc Finish for VFS-1 KOP88979

Replacement Battery Box Lid for the EX-10 Helios.

Replacement antenna for the KR-408S receiver.

KO America's heat sink for VFS-1 based esc is a copper based heat sink. The copper allows for better heat transfer for the FET's to the heat sink and it is nickel plated. The pin fin design allows for more surface to air heat dissipation of the heat sink and helps to keep the FET's more efficient. Test have shown up to a 17% reduction in thermal temperature. Aluminum based heat sinks can only provide a thermal reduction of up to 12%, thus make a copper based heat sink is far more superior. Thermal heat transfer tape and instructions are also included.

KO PROPO Crystal Set FM 75MHz 75.830 KOP83682 KO PROPO VFS-1 BMC World Spec Kit Cooling Fan & Heat Sink KOP45521 KO PROPO Original Apron KO79201
When installed allows the use of up to 2.5T sensored brushless motors.
Increases efficiency of FETs by keeping them cooler.

Made by "JEANS" Fabric.

KO PROPO Wheel Extension Unit for EX-1UR KOP17006 KO PROPO PDS-2367 ICS High Speed Digital Servo KOP30045

The wheel extension for the EX-1 UR # 17006 (left) drops the steering wheel down for a different balance of the radio.

TORQUE: 160.1oz
SPEED: 0.10 S @ 60°
WEIGHT: 1.99 oz
SIZE: 1.61x1.50x0.79 in