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Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector 4pcs 9804205 Tamiya 54488 (OP1488) TRF201 DN-01 DB01 DB-01 DB02 DB-02 TRF511 TRF-511 TRF502X TRF-502X Large Rear Axle Washers (2pcs) Tamiya Gear Differential Shim Set 54589
No Original Packaging.

This option part is an integrated rear axle washer and 1mm spacer, which when fitted provides a reduction in deviation in the rotation of the wheel, and enables easier maintenance of your R/C car.

Large rear axle washers x2

Get your gear differential set up exactly how you want
it! This handy shim set features 2 different thicknesses of shim (0.2 and 0.3mm)
to allow fine adjustment of the bevels in your gear diff.

Note: These shims are
meant to be used in Tamiya oil-filled gear differential units employed in 4WD
touring cars and 4WD off-road buggies.

Set Contents:

  • 5x10x0.2mm Shim x4
  • 5x10x0.3mm Shim x4

  • Tamiya 2.6x5mm Titanium Screws & Head 5pcs 54420 Tamiya Big Bore Aeration Damper Piston Blank 4pcs 54509 Tamiya Slipper Spring for 42139 TRF511 5005188

    These durable, lightweight titanium screws replace the kit standard steel screws used to secure shafts on suspension arms of the TRF201, TRF511, TRF502, and XV-01 chassis machines.

  • 2.6x5mm Titanium Screw x 5

  • Take complete control of the details in your suspension! These blank pistons allow the owner to make as many holes of whatever size they like, in order to get the suspension performance they want. Compatible with items 54504/54505 Buggy Big Bore Aeration Dampers.

  • Pistons x4
  • Tamiya 36.5mm Piston Rod for 49401 TRF501X 2pcs 9804292 Tamiya Dust Cover for Adjuster 53980 Tamiya 45.4mm Piston Rod for 49401 TRF501X 2pcs 9804293

    This general use Option Part protects the connection joints between ball connectors and plastic adjusters in the suspension system to ensure long-lasting, smooth suspension operation. Compatible Chassis: Any

    Tamiya Large Ball Differential Alloy Plate 54390 Tamiya Differential Spring for 58261 TA04 PRO 9949299 Tamiya 2x25mm Cap Screw 2pcs 9949350

    Item 51287 Large Ball Diff Plate was produced as the stock replacement diff ring part for many of Tamiya's R/C car chassis.

    This new option version has been produced with a more durable alloy material for more effective performance.

    • Large Ball Diff Plate x 2
    • Compatible with FF-03, TA05 ver.II, TRF511 and TRF 501 chassis machines
    2 pieces of Ball Diff Spring for Most Tamiya Chassis.

    For Most Tamiya Touring Car Diff. Join. with 2x25mm Diff Cap Screw.

    Tamiya TRF501X W Parts Damper Piston 51281 Tamiya Front Upright for DB01 Wide Operating Assembly Universal Shaft 54131 54503 TAMIYA Big Bore Aeration Damper Aluminum Suspension Ball 1/10 R/C Part DB-01 DB01 DB02 DB-02 TRF201 TRF511 TRF502X DN-01

    These front uprights are can be used with Item 54118 DB01 Assembly WO Universal Shaft (Front).

    • Front Upright for DB01 WO assembly universal shaft x 1
    • *Please note: DB01 and TRF501X uprights cannot be used with Item 54118 DB01 Assembly WO Universal Shaft (Front) due to the different bearing sizes.
    This aluminum suspension ball fits on damper ends. They provide enhanced damper responsiveness and durability greater than that of the standard kit parts.
    It is compatible with aeration damper-fitted cars and cars using Items 54504/54505 Buggy Big Bore Aeration Dampers.

    • Aluminum Damper Suspension Balls x4
    Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish Border Black 42246 Tamiya DB01 Dish Wheels Front Black 51304 Tamiya DB01 Dish Wheels Rear White 51321

    Designed for use with pin type axles

    Fits Tamiya TRF501X, TRF511 & DB01.

    White in color

    Designed for use with pin type axles

    Fits Tamiya TRF501X, DB01, TRF511, TRF502X , DN-01 & TRF201 Rear

    Tamiya 3x48.5mm Shaft for 58261 TA04 PRO 9805681 Tamiya Cross Joint for 42139 TRF511 9440664 Tamiya 3x48.5mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft for DB01 DB02 2pcs 54388

    These suspension shafts for off-road buggies feature a durable
    titanium coating. They better protect the shaft against dirt and debris as well
    as ensure smooth suspension movement compared to regular stainless steel shafts.

  • 3x48.5mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft x 2
  • Can be used on rear suspension of the DN-01, TRF201, DB01, DB02, TRF511,
    TRF502X chassis (requires 2pcs).
  • Tamiya TRF501X Damper Piston 1.3mm diameterx2 4pcs 53977 Tamiya TRF501X V Parts Damper Cap 51280 Tamiya DB01 Front Dish Wheels Fluorescent Yellow 54286

    These precision-made polyacetal (POM) damper pistons offer
    different diameter piston holes to provide drivers with the options to create
    more detailed suspension settings. Note: These pistons cannot be used with CVA
    or TRF dampers.

    Fluorescent yellow colored Front Dish Wheels.

    Specs & Features

  • Front wheels x 1 Pair (2pcs.)
  • Compatible with DB-01, TRF511, TRF502 and TRF501X machines.

  • Tamiya Aeration Damper Pistons Blank 4pcs 42166 Tamiya 54499 OP1499 Protective Sticker Hard Chassis Protector TRF Carbon Graphite Chassis TRF417 TRF418 Yokomo Xray Team Associated Tamiya DB01 Gear Differential Unit Cup Joint 51472

    New TRF damper pistons are pre-dimpled so you can evenly drill your own holes.

    Specs & Features

    • Each piston features 8 dimples allowing you to freely select the number and diameter of the holes.
    • Can be used with Item 54028 Buggy Aeration Oil Filled Damper Set.
    This is a protective film designed to be used under the main chassis of your favorite R/C vehicle. It's highly adhesive and when stuck to the chassis it provides long-lasting protection against scratches by contacting track surface, and thanks to its transparency will not detract from the model’s appearance.

    • Thickness: 0.3mm
    • Contains 180x330mm sheets x2

    Spare cup joint for option item 54329 DB01 Gear Differential Unit. These cup joints are made from extremely durable tool steel.

    Specs and Features

    • DB01 Gear Differential Unit Cup Joint x 2pcs.
    Tamiya TRF501X Damper Hard Titanium Coated Piston Rod Front 2pcs 54042 Tamiya TRF501X Setting Spring Set Rear 53975 Tamiya TRF501X Damper Rod Guide Set 53979

    Titanium coat protects piston rod from dust and debris for
    consistent, smooth movement.

    Set of 3 types of color-coded damper springs for the rear suspension (Hard, Medium, Soft) with 2 of each type to allow drivers to tune their car according to the track conditions.

    These precision-made polyacetal (POM) damper parts include rod guides to help the damper shaft maintain the correct stroke to ensure smooth damper operation and 2 middle spacers to customize damper sealing characteristics. Note: These parts cannot be used with CVA or TRF dampers.