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Tamiya GP Shaft for 84067 TRF801X 3x34.8mm 9400955 Tamiya TRF801X Steering Bushing Bolt 9400953 Tamiya TRF801X Brake Pad 9400948
Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish Border Black 42246 Tamiya GP T Parts for 84067 TRF801X 9224033 Tamiya GP S Parts for 84067 TRF801X 9114064
Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish 42234 Tamiya TRF801X P Parts Front Lower Arm 9114062 Tamiya TRF801X R Parts Rear Lower Arm 9114063
TRF Sticker C is now available with a stylish mirror finish version that provides eye-catching accents to your Tamiya R/C body set of choice.
Tamiya TRF801X TRF801XT Shock Cap 2pcs 5010 Tamiya GP Super Gear for 84067 TRF801X 9400966 Tamiya GP Wing for 49497 TRF801XT 9334126
SPEC-R Cleaning Clay SPR039-CC Tamiya GP 17mm Wheel Hub for 84067 TRF801X 9400963 Tamiya TRF801X Stabilizer Set Rear 84093
Tamiya TRF801X Stabilizer Set Front 84092 Tamiya TRF801X Pinion Gear 9400965 Tamiya TRF801X Setting Spring Front 84090
Tamiya TRF801X  TRF801XT Lightweight Flywheel 1027 Tamiya GP Rear Shock Tower for 84067 TRF801X 9400960 Tamiya GP Ring Gear for 84067 TRF801X 9400964
Tamiya TRF801X Lightweight Spur Gear 1026 Tamiya TRF801X Clutch Bell 15T 84073 Tamiya TRF801X Setting Spring Rear 84091

The 1:8 Glow-Engine R/C 4x4 Racing Buggy TRF801X (Item 84067) kit comes with a standard Clutch Bell (14T) which has a 1:11.34 gear ratio. This new Clutch Bell (15T) allows you to further customize the settings of your machine with a gear ratio of 1:10.58.

About the Item

  • This clutch bell is also compatible with 1:8 Glow Engine R/C 4x4 Racing TruckTRF801XT (Item 49497) providing a gear ratio of 1:1.14.33.
  • Clutch Bell (15T) x 1pc.

  • IP Battery 6.6V 1450mAh Receiver Flat Battery Pack IP-LE1450RX Tamiya RC GP Body 84067 1824102 9334130 IP Battery 6.6V 1700mAh Receiver Hump Battery Pack IP-LE1700RX
    Tamiya GP Body Part For 1/8 Racing Buggy TRF801X TRF-801X
    List Price: US$39.00
    Our Price: US$29.00
    Savings: US$10.00

    Voltage: 6.6V

    Capacity: 1450mAh

    Dimension: 85mm X 30mm X 17mm

    Voltage: 6.6V

    Capacity: 1700mAh

    Dimension: 54mm X 31mm X 31mm

    Tamiya TRF801X Aluminum Brace 84075

    Improve your machine's chassis rigidity with these precision-made aluminum braces.

    About the Item
  • Front Brace x 1pc.
  • Rear Brace x 1pc.
  • 3x12mm screws x 2pcs.

  • *Cannot be used with 1/8 Glow Engine R/C 4x4 Racing TruckTRF801XT (Item 49497).