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TRF414M Chassis Parts
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Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576
These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects.
Tamiya TRF414M Ball Connector King Pin Set 50986 Tamiya Ultra Hard Spring 53636
No Original Packaging.

Usable with:
43514 Buggy Nitro Thunder NDF01.
Tamiya 4x8mm Flanged Tube 10pcs 9465523
Dish, clear smoke colored plastic 24 mm width wheels. Limited edition

Usable with:

  • TB Evolution III
  • TRF414

  • Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish 42234
    TRF Sticker C is now available with a stylish mirror finish version that provides eye-catching accents to your Tamiya R/C body set of choice.


    • Four 0.5mm thick silver spacers.
    • Four 1.5mm thick silver spacers.
    • Four 2.5mm thick silver spacers.
    • Four 1mm thick bluer spacers.
    • Four 2mm thick blue spacers.
    • Four 3mm thick blue spacers.

    Molded with carbon filled nylon, these hard uprights are significantly stronger without adding additional weight. Set includes one pair.

    For Tamiya Car equipped with TA04 Style (ex. 53527) normal suspension system.

    These uprights are made of reinforced resin for optimal strength.

    Hard Rear Upright with 0 Degree Toe-in.

    Usable with TA04, TA05, TB-02/R, TB Evo 3, TRF 414M, TRF415 and equipped with old style suspension arm such as 53427. Not for Reversible Light Weight Suspension System.

    • Blue Turnbuckle Wrench.
    • For Car with 3mm Turnbuckle Shaft.
    • It usually can fit all tamiya car Turnbuckle.
    Tamiya 54499 OP1499 Protective Sticker Hard Chassis Protector TRF Carbon Graphite Chassis TRF417 TRF418 Yokomo Xray Team Associated Tamiya Racing Wing Set 2 Hard Type 1mm 1:10 RC Car Touring Drift 84371
    This is a protective film designed to be used under the main chassis of your favorite R/C vehicle. It's highly adhesive and when stuck to the chassis it provides long-lasting protection against scratches by contacting track surface, and thanks to its transparency will not detract from the model’s appearance.

    • Thickness: 0.3mm
    • Contains 180x330mm sheets x2

    This wing set is a reinforced version of Item 54494 Racing Wing Set 2. It includes two different shapes of wing; curved and straight - which can be used to adjust the downforce of your RC car model. The wings are made from 1.0mm thickness polycarbonate, as opposed to the 0.7mm thickness of those in Item 54494.

    • Curved wing x1
    • Straight wing x1
    • J Parts (wing stay) x1
    • Snap pins and O-rings necessary for attachment, plus attachment instructions.

    Suitable for the following cars - HB Cyclone/S/D4 (with HPI/HB Diff Screw), Serpent S400, Top Scythe (Optional Alum. Ball Diff), Tamiya Cars (TRF415, TA05, TA04, TB02, TB Evo III/IV/V, TRF501X, DF03, TRF414, F201)

    Developed with German National Champion and World Championship A Finalist Ronald Völker, the use of Ceramic Diff Balls with the thrust bearing's design proves to facilitate ultra smooth diff action and durability over conventional thrust bearings. You will no longer need to rebuild your thrust bearing again when rebuilding your diff, simply clean it thoroughly with motor spray and apply moderate amounts of thrust bearing grease before assembling it to the differential.

    Tip: Try to apply as much Thrust Bearing Grease as possible completely covering each diff ball.

    Wheel Axles for TA04 Style Universal Shaft. Fit on TT01 Universal as well.

    These on-road tuned springs feature a special Mica Black color surface.

    Each set contains Soft, Medium, Hard, and Extra Hard springs (2pcs. each) to allow fine setting adjustment of your favourite Tamiya Touring Car chassis according to the race track conditions.

    Mica Black Spring (Soft, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard / 2pcs each)