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TEAM ASSOCIATED TC5 Slipper Spool Pads ASC31173 TEAM ASSOCIATED Locknuts Nylon 8-32 ASC4185 TEAM ASSOCIATED D Drive RingS for 10L4O / 12L4 ASC8504

For the Slipper Spool Kit ASC31174.

This is the replacement D Style Drive Rings for the Team Associated 10L4 Oval and 12L4.

FEATURES: Steel construction, silver in color

INCLUDES: Two drive rings

SPECS: Diameter: .98" (24.9mm) outside Diameter: .60" (14.5mm) Thickness: .032" (82mm)

TEAM ASSOCIATED 12R5 Foam Bumper ASC4653 TEAM ASSOCIATED Servo Mount with Screws 2pcs ASC8435 TEAM ASSOCIATED .020 Springs for 1:10 Dynamic Front End Kit  ASC8429

This is the Foam Bumper for the Associated 12R5 (ASCC4018).

FEATURES: Foam construction Black in color

INCLUDES: One Foam Bumper

SPECS: Length: 73mm (2.80") Height: 9mm (0.35")

This is the Team Associated Servo Mount and Screws included with the 12LS, 10LS, 10LSO and the Dynamic Strut Front End kit.

FEATURES: Direct replacement dyable nylon part, 1/4" thick Has 1 hole drilled on bottom to secure to chassis.

INCLUDES: Two nylon steering blocks Two 4-40x1/4" button head screws

TEAM ASSOCIATED .024 Springs for 1:10 Dynamic Front End Kit ASC8433 TEAM ASSOCIATED Antenna Mount TC5 ASC31113 TEAM ASSOCIATED C-Clip 3/16" ASC9882
TEAM ASSOCIATED TC5 Differential Outdrives 1pcs ASC31167-1 TEAM ASSOCIATED M2x0.4x5 Socket Head Cap Screws ASC31511 TEAM ASSOCIATED Roll Bar Cups Molded Nylon for B3 T3 DS & Nitro DS ASC8828
No Original Packaging.

Black metal construction

Includes Six M2 x 0.4 x 5mm SHCS screws

TEAM ASSOCIATED Steering Servo Mount Kit B4 / T4 ASC7336 TEAM ASSOCIATED TC4 Roll Bar Pivot Cap ASC31028 TEAM ASSOCIATED TC5 1.25mm Roll Bar ASC31261
TEAM ASSOCIATED T-Bar Spacers Molded 12LC ASC4526 TEAM ASSOCIATED Pivot Socket Screws for 4335 2-56x5/16" Butto Head Screw ASC4334 TEAM ASSOCIATED TC5 Cam Holder Set ASC31186
TEAM ASSOCIATED TC5 Differential Bearing Cam ASC31185 TEAM ASSOCIATED Differential Thrust Cone Assembly for 12L3 Axle ASC4555 TEAM ASSOCIATED Fiberglass Antenna Rod ASC4510

Usable With:

  • Team Associated TC6
  • Team Associated TC6.1
  • Team Associated TC5

TEAM ASSOCIATED TC3 Drive Rings ASC3906 TEAM ASSOCIATED M2x0.4x4 Button Head Cap Screws ASC31510 TEAM ASSOCIATED Differential Drive Rings 2.25:1 Differential ASC6579

Usable With:

  • Team Associated TC6
  • Team Associated TC5
  • Team Associated TC4
  • Team Associated TC3

Black metal construction

Includes Six M2 x 0.4 x 4mm BHCS screws


  • TC3
  • TC4
  • RC12L3
  • RC10
  • B44
  • 10T
TEAM ASSOCIATED Differential Drive Rings ASC6625 TEAM ASSOCIATED TC4 Outer Hinge Pins ASC3878 TEAM ASSOCIATED 12R5 Thru Shaft ASC4664

This is the Thru Shaft for the Associated Factory Team 12R5 Kit (ASCC4018).

FEATURES: Steel construction Silver in color

INCLUDES: One Thru Shaft

REQUIRES: Installation on the vehicle

SPECS: Length: 36mm (1.4") Diameter: 6mm (0.24")

TEAM ASSOCIATED NTC3 Bumper Top Brace ASC2225 TEAM ASSOCIATED Precision Differential Thrust Balls 5/64" ASC6574 TEAM ASSOCIATED TC6 Spur Clamping Ring ASC31319

This is a package of six stainless steel precision balls for the thrust bearing in the Stealth Transmission.