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Tamiya F201 Chassis Parts, Hop Ups
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Tamiya6.5x5mm Step Nut for 58288 9805837 Tamiya 7mm Ball Connector 4pcs 50962 Tamiya 2x15mm Cap Screw for 58288 Ferrari F2001 9805845
  • Usable with: 58288 Ferrari F2001.
Tamiya F201 G Parts Ring Gear 50934 Tamiya TB Evolution III Differential Bevel Gear 50987 Tamiya F201 Lightweight Counter Gears 53554

For TB Evo III, TB02 & F201 Chassis.

Tamiya F201 Drive Shaft 2pcs 50939 Tamiya F201 Low Friction Damper Piston Set Rear 53568 3Racing Servo Post for Tamiya TT01 F201 TF201C-012


  • F201
  • TT01
  • TT01R
  • TT01D
  • TT01E
Tamiya F201 Racing Spring Set 53515 Tamiya F201 E Parts Suspension Arm 50933 Tamiya F201 D Parts Battery Cover 50932
JAAD 2x6mm Ceramic Nitride Pre Assembled Thrust Bearing JDRCT0206 Tamiya F201 Ball Differential Joint Cup Set 50940 Tamiya 48mm Swing Shaft for Assembly Universal Shaft Set 53836

Suitable for the following cars - HB Cyclone/S/D4 (with HPI/HB Diff Screw), Serpent S400, Top Scythe (Optional Alum. Ball Diff), Tamiya Cars (TRF415, TA05, TA04, TB02, TB Evo III/IV/V, TRF501X, DF03, TRF414, F201)

Developed with German National Champion and World Championship A Finalist Ronald Völker, the use of Ceramic Diff Balls with the thrust bearing's design proves to facilitate ultra smooth diff action and durability over conventional thrust bearings. You will no longer need to rebuild your thrust bearing again when rebuilding your diff, simply clean it thoroughly with motor spray and apply moderate amounts of thrust bearing grease before assembling it to the differential.

Tip: Try to apply as much Thrust Bearing Grease as possible completely covering each diff ball.

Tamiya F201 A Parts Chassis 50930 Tamiya F201 Reinforced Tire Type B Rear 2pcs 53661 Tamiya F201 Reinforced Tires Type A Front 2pcs 53564
Tamiya Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub 6mm Thick 53569 Tamiya F201 Lightweight Differential Joint 53521 Tamiya F201 Aluminum Locker Arm Set 53519

These 6mm machined aluminium hubs clamp to the wheel axle rather than the slip-on stock plastic units resulting in truer spinning wheel and added strength.

Set includes four hubs and hardware.