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The Toyota Bruiser (RN36) kit includes D Parts (bumpers) that are molded in white. To help R/C kit builders with building customizing options, these new parts are molded in black.

  • D Parts (Black) x1
  • Compatible with Item 58519 Toyota 4x4 Pick-Up Bruiser (RN36).

The powerful performance of the R/C Ford F-350 / Toyota Hilux High-Lift can be made more efficient by adding this Ball Bearing Set. Kit-supplied metal bearings (bushings) can all be replaced with precision ball bearings which minimize friction loss during power transmission.

This Slipper Clutch Set is designed for use with Item 58519 Toyota Bruiser (RN36).

The multi-plate clutch mechanism helps protect the transmission and drive-train against shocks and excessive loads to ensure superior driving performance on tough driving conditions.

  • Slipper Housing x1
  • Slipper Shaft x1
  • Pressure Disc x1
  • Slipper Washer x2
  • Slipper Spring x1
  • Dog Gear (23T) x1
  • Adjuster Nut x1
  • Diff Plate x3
  • 950 Ball Bearing x1
  • 5mm Shim x2
  • Compatible with Item 58519 Toyota 4x4 Pick-Up Bruiser (RN36)

These are the axle parts which are used in Tamiya's F-350, Toyota Hilux High-LIft and Toyota Tundra kits.

This axle parts set allows the RC modeler to get to know the vehicle's mechanics in more detail and allow a more personalized customization in custom projects.

This axle set is great for custom builders.

Set Contains the parts to complete one axle set with instructions.

No Wheels or Tires included.