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Tamiya TB-03 Chassis Parts, Hop Ups
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Tamiya TRF Short Damper Spring Soft 2pcs 53630 Tamiya Silver Coil Spring 2pcs 9805699
This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.
Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set. Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576

This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.

Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set.

These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects.
Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector for 43514 4pcs 9804205 Tamiya TRF Damper Shaft Guide Grooved 4pcs 84292 Tamiya Ultra Hard Spring 53636
No Original Packaging.

Usable with:
43514 Buggy Nitro Thunder NDF01.

Usable With:

  • Tamiya TRF Damper
  • DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set
  • M-Chassis Aluminum Damper Set
  • Hotshot (2007)
  • Avante (2011)


  • Inner Diameter: 2.8mm
  • Outer Diameter: 6.54mm
  • Thickness: 2.1mm
Tamiya TB03 E Parts Rear Upright 51354 Tamiya TB03 06 Spur Gear 64T 51356 Tamiya Propeller Joint A for 58409 3450102
Usable with: 58409 ARTA Garaiya.
Tamiya TB03 Propeller Joint B for 58409 3450103 Tamiya Medium Narrow Dish Wheels Smoke Offset 0 49407 Tamiya TRF415 Urethane Bumper Black 49463
Usable with: 58409 ARTA Garaiya. Dish, clear smoke colored plastic 24 mm width wheels. Limited edition

This Option Part will be available as a limited edition event-only item for visitors to this autumn's Tokyo Hobby Show. It is a color variation of an existing gray-colored bumper (PART# 16275070 Urethane Bumper for 58371), and the new black color will enable the bumper to better blend in with the chassis for a more uniform appearance.

*Compatible Chassis: All TRF415 chassis, TB Evolution 5, 30th Anniversary Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934, TA05 MS.

Tamiya Steering Post for 58345 Ferrari F430 9808016 Tamiya TB03 High Precision Bearing Holder 54151 Tamiya Differential Spring for 58261 TA04 PRO 9949299

  • This new high precision bearing holder securely holds the 1050 bearing in place. It also provides a more precise attachment to the motor mount.
  • The bearing holder uses the highly durable delrin resin.
  • When assembled, drive efficiency is improved.
  • Can be used with TB-03 and TB-03D chassis machines.

  • 2 pieces of Ball Diff Spring for Most Tamiya Chassis.
    Tamiya Body Mount Extension Set 54604 Tamiya 2x25mm Cap Screw 2pcs 9949350 Tamiya TA05 IFS Aluminum Rocker Nut 53992

    This newly-designed body mount extension piece and snap pin set allows you to extend body mounts on your RC model car. They are intended to be used on those body posts which have been shortened for use with other bodies. They are compatible with a wide range of major Tamiya touring car and M-Chassis models.

  • Contains 5.5mm Body Mount Extension x4, 6mm and 7mm Snap Pins x4
  • Usable with 5.5-6mm diameter body mounts.
  • Compatible with TT-01, TT-02, TA05, TA06, TB-03, TB-04, XV-01, FF-03, M-05 and M-06 chassis body mounts.

  • For Most Tamiya Touring Car Diff. Join. with 2x25mm Diff Cap Screw.

    Replace the stock rocker nuts with these durable anodized aluminum parts for weight savings and longer lasting performance. Set contains rocker nuts (x2) and 2.5mm E-rings (x2).

    *Compatible Chassis: TA05-IFS, TB03, FF03

    Tamiya TB03 Lightweight Urethane Bumper 84049 Tamiya Urethane Bumper for 58371 6275070 Tamiya TA05 Drive Shaft 2pcs 51216


    • TB-03
    • TRF416
    • TRF417
    • TRF415
    • TB-EVO 5
    • TA05 MS
    usable with: TB Evolution V.

    Usable with:

    • Tamiya TA05
    • Tamiya TB03
    • Tamiya FF03
    Tamiya TB03 M Parts Damper Stay 51355 Tamiya Propeller Shaft for 58409 3485182 Tamiya TB03 04 Module Spur Gear 96T 54055
    Usable with: 58409 ARTA Garaiya.
    Tamiya TA05 IFS Carbon Reinforced F Parts Hub Carrier 4 Degree 54031 Tamiya TRF416 E Parts Rear Upright 51333 Tamiya TB03 D Parts Suspension Arm 51353

    These new hub carriers are made from carbon fiber-reinforced resin material for increased durability. Tougher hub carriers also mean sharper steering response, giving the car better handling characteristics.

    *Compatible Chassis: TA05 Ver.2, TA05-IFS, TRF416, TRF417, TB03, TB Evo 5 MS, FF03

    *This is from the latest shipment will fit on TRF417 New Style Universal Joint.

    * This is the Plastic Short Rev. Arm Set

    Tamiya TB03 Sticker 1420308 Tamiya TB03D N Parts Suspension Mount 51371 Tamiya Red Plated 2-Piece 6 Spoke Wheels 26mm Width + 2 Offset  54551

    Jazz up your 1:10 scale touring car model with these new 2-piece wheels! They feature a stylish 6-spoke design, with the silver-color metal plated rims complemented by a red metal-plated cap and spokes.

    • Wheels are 26mm wide, and compatible with any tires of the same width.
    • Each set includes 2 wheels

    Compatible with all 1:10 touring car models.