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Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576 Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector 4pcs 9804205 Tamiya XV01 G Parts Gears 51506
These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects. No Original Packaging.
Tamiya Medium Narrow Dish Wheels Smoke Offset 0 49407 Tamiya 2.6x5mm Titanium Screws & Head 5pcs 54420 Tamiya TA06 Rear Gear Differential Case Set 52T 51462
Dish, clear smoke colored plastic 24 mm width wheels. Limited edition

These durable, lightweight titanium screws replace the kit standard steel screws used to secure shafts on suspension arms of the TRF201, TRF511, TRF502, and XV-01 chassis machines.

  • 2.6x5mm Titanium Screw x 5

  • Tamiya XV-01 NN Parts Spacers 2pcs 51510 Tamiya XV-01 Carbon Reinforced E Parts Rear Uprights 54443 Tamiya XV-01 K Parts Steering Arm 51508

    These Carbon reinforced E Parts replace kit-standard components on the XV-01 chassis to provide greater rigidity. Durable rear uprights also help improve the machine's stability.

  • Carbon reinforced E Parts x1
  • Compatible with XV-01 chassis

  • Tamiya TRF Damper Large Diameter Spring Set 42278 Tamiya Q Parts for TA03 RS / XV01 / M05 Version II PRO 9225056 Tamiya XV-01 A Parts Gear Case 51501

    Fit these large diameter springs to your touring car equipped with TRF dampers for enhanced performance. These springs are larger in diameter compared to Tamiya’s original spring sets by about 1.2mm. The set contains 3 different spring rates to allow fine-tuning of your car’s suspension. The set includes different colored tubing so users are able to differentiate between spring rates quickly and easily.

    Set Contents:

  • Soft Large Diameter Spring x2
  • Medium Large Diameter Spring x2
  • Hard Large Diameter Spring x2
  • All springs have an inside diameter of 14mm.
  • Identification Marking Tubes
  • Recommended for use with Item 42192 TRF Damper Large Diameter Retainer (4pcs.)

  • Usable with:
    58193 Porsche 911 GT1
    58528 Sabaru Impreza WRX STI
    58593 M05 Version II PRO
    Tamiya XV-01 L Parts Wheel Well Liners 51509 Tamiya XV-01 Dirt Spring Set Hard Medium Soft 54465 Tamiya 18T Aluminum Pulley for TA06 XV01 54450

    This spring set offers you the ability to fine tune your
    suspension set-up on your XV-01 chassis machine, which was designed for the
    rigors of Rally and off-road running conditions.

    • Hard, Medium, Soft Springs x 2pcs. each.
    • Compatible with the XV-01 chassis platform which are equipped with TRF
      dampers or CVA shock units.

    This precision 18T aluminum pulley features surfaces lined with a high-lubricating coating to improve transmission efficiency and durability when used on the Tamiya TA-06 touring car chassis platform and the XV-01 crossover chassis platform.

    Tamiya XV-01 Separate Suspension Mounts 1XJ 54376 Tamiya XV01 Stabliizer Set Front & Rear 54514 Tamiya XV01 Slipper Clutch Set 54378

    Aluminum separate suspension mounts replace kit standard plastic parts to provide greater rigidity for the suspension mount section, allowing for smooth suspension movement during hard off-road driving. This item has a blue-anodized surface.

    These are front and rear sway bar stabilizers designed to be used on the Tamiya XV-01 cross platform chassis. By adding these bars you are able to control the handling characteristics of the car.

    • Stabilizer Wires: f1.1mm, f1.2mm & f1.3mm x2 each
    • 5mm Adjusters x4, 4mm Adjusters x4
    • 3x12mm Screws x4, Grub Screws x4
    • Stabilizer Ends (Blue) x4
    • Compatible with XV-01 & XV-01T chassis.  
    • Please note that this set is not compatible with XV-01 TC chassis models.
    This slipper clutch unit is designed specifically for the XV-01 chassis. It helps protect the drivetrain from damage due to hard acceleration and braking as well as jump landings. Slipper effect can be finely adjusted to provide superb traction, especially on low-grip surfaces.