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Tamiya 5mm Adjuster 6pcs 50596 Tamiya TRF Short Damper Spring Extra Hard 2pcs 53633 Tamiya TRF Short Damper Spring Soft 2pcs 53630
Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576 Tamiya 3x32mm Screw Pin 4pcs 9805756 Tamiya 5x21mm Shaft 3555048
These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects.
Tamiya 5x40mm Shaft 3550027 Tamiya 3x14mm Step Tapping Screw 5pcs 50582 Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector 4pcs 9804205
No Original Packaging.
Tamiya Motor Plt 4305125 Tamiya TRF Damper Shaft Guide Grooved 4pcs 84292 Tamiya GP Short Damper Spring Hard 53751
Tamiya Motor Plt 4305125
Our Price: US$2.00
Usable with:
  • 58256 Juggernaut 2
  • 58202 Mercedes-Benz SLK
  • 58199 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV
  • 58197 Porsche Boxster
  • Usable With:

    • Tamiya TRF Damper
    • DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set
    • M-Chassis Aluminum Damper Set
    • Hotshot (2007)
    • Avante (2011)


    • Inner Diameter: 2.8mm
    • Outer Diameter: 6.54mm
    • Thickness: 2.1mm

    Designed for wider range of front suspension settings.

    For use with 1:10 scale glow engine R/C cars.

    Tamiya TA04 King Pin Set 50882 Tamiya M-Chassis Inner Sponge Super Hard 4pcs 54590 Yeah Racing Alloy Rear Axles M03-131BK

    Also fit on M03 New Style Suspension King-Pin.

    Set up your M-Chassis car so it better meets the requirements of the driving surface or even your driving style. These super hard tire inner sponges are one step harder than item 53255 (60D Hard Inner Sponge set)


    • Super hard inner sponges are well-suited for hot track conditions, and high speed circuits.
    • Package contains inner sponges to complete 4 tires.  
    • Compatible with all M-Chassis cars.
    For: Tamiya M03, M04, M05, M05 Ver.II, M06, FF02, F103GT Chassis, HPI Formula 10
    Tamiya GP Short Damper Spring Medium 53749 Tamiya Short Damper Spring Soft 53748 Tamiya 3x10mm Step Screw 5pcs 50579

    RC GP Short Damper Spring (Medium)

    Designed for wider range of front suspension settings.

    1:10 Scale glow engine R/C short damper spring (Soft) Designed for wider range of front suspension settings.

    For use with 1:10 scale glow engine R/C cars.

    Tamiya 3x18mm Step Screw 2pcs 9805945 Tamiya 3x89mm Threaded Shaft 2500016 Tamiya Mount Screw for 58299 TB Evolution III 9805886
    3Racing 3.5mm Universal Shaft Cushion SAK-65C Tamiya M06 Urethane Bumper 51437 Tamiya 20T AV Pinion Gear 50356_20T

    Compatible With:

    • 3RACING Sakura FF
    • 3RACING Sakura FGX
    • 3RACING Sakura XI
    • 3RACING Sakura Zero
    • 3RACING Sakura Zero S (SAK-65's replacement parts)
    • Tamiya FF03
    • Tamiya M05, M06 PRO 3Racing Gear Diff

    Tamiya 48 pitch metric 20 tooth pinion.

    The number of teeth is stamped on the pinion so they cannot be confused.

    They are made of aluminum.

    Tamiya Differential Bevel Gear Set 50602 Tamiya 3x46mm Screw Pin 4pcs 9805976 Tamiya M-Chassis 60D Inner Sponge Set 50686
    Tamiya Bevel Gear Set TT01 TGS 51008 Tamiya M-Chassis Inner Sponge 53204 RP MINI Rubber Foam Medium Insert 2pcs RPMINI-M