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TEAM TRINITY Red Overhead Springs 2pcs 4395 TEAM TRINITY EX-TRA HEAVY Motor Springs 14.5 oz 2pcs  4406 TEAM TRINITY Green Overhead Springs 2pcs 4393
Medium Heavy Tension 11oz Red Springs Extra Heavy Tension Silver Spings 14.5oz. P2K/PARADOX Over Head Style 1pr. Medium Tension 9oz Green Springs
TEAM TRINITY Motor Springs 2pcs 4028S TEAM TRINITY Paradox Polarized Springs 2pcs 4397 TEAM TRINITY Blue Overhead Springs 2pcs 4392
Medium Tension Green Srpings 9oz. Light Tension 7oz Blue Springs
TEAM TRINITY Paradox Bushing 2 pcs 4607 TEAM TRINITY E Brush without Terminal 4499NT TEAM TRINITY Dual Shunt BRUSH 2pcs 4379EPNT
Replacement Recessed Oilite Busing For Paradox Motors, 2 pcs.

Laydown type Silver Motor Brush with out terminal eyelet.

High silver content. Serrated type face brush.

Ultra High Silver Performance Brush For P94 Motor.

TEAM TRINITY Cross Cut Stock Brush 1pr. 4504NT TEAM TRINITY Purple Overhead Springs 12pcs 4396-6
TEAM TRINITY Purple Overhead Springs 12pcs 4396-6
Our Price: US$12.00
Sale Price: US$5.00
Savings: US$7.00

4499 Compound with New Diag Serration.

Heavy Tension 13oz Purple Springs