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Tamiya Silver Coil Spring 2pcs 9805699
This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.
Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set. Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576 Tamiya TRF417 Cross Joint Set 51444

This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.

Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set.

These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects.

Specs & Features

  • These Cross Joints are wheel axle maintenance parts for the TRF417 Chassis Kit (Item 42184).
  • Cross joint x 2pcs.
  • Axle ring x 2pcs.
  • 2x9.8mm Needle pin x 2pcs.

  • Tamiya TRF Damper Shaft Guide Grooved 4pcs 84292 Tamiya Ultra Hard Spring 53636 Tamiya 4mm Flange Locknut for 57602 9805557

    Usable With:

    • Tamiya TRF Damper
    • DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set
    • M-Chassis Aluminum Damper Set
    • Hotshot (2007)
    • Avante (2011)


    • Inner Diameter: 2.8mm
    • Outer Diameter: 6.54mm
    • Thickness: 2.1mm
    Tamiya TA06 Gear Differential Unit Gasket 4pcs 51464 Tamiya Maintenance Parts Set for Gear Differential Unit Cup Joint 51470 Tamiya Medium Narrow Dish Wheels Smoke Offset 0 49407

    Fit Tamiya TA06, TA05 & TRF417 Gear Diff Unit.

    Dish, clear smoke colored plastic 24 mm width wheels. Limited edition
    Tamiya Gear Differential Shim Set 54589 Tamiya 5mm Gear Differential O-Rings Red 8pcs 42259 Tamiya 1050 Ball Bearing 3mm Thick 2pcs 42220

    Get your gear differential set up exactly how you want
    it! This handy shim set features 2 different thicknesses of shim (0.2 and 0.3mm)
    to allow fine adjustment of the bevels in your gear diff.

    Note: These shims are
    meant to be used in Tamiya oil-filled gear differential units employed in 4WD
    touring cars and 4WD off-road buggies.

    Set Contents:

  • 5x10x0.2mm Shim x4
  • 5x10x0.3mm Shim x4

  • These are 5mm O-rings designed to be used in many of Tamiya’s oil-filled sealed gear differentials like the ones’ found on the TA-05 option sealed gear set as well as the included sets found on the TA-06, XV-01 and TRF417 series of cars. The inner diameter of the O-ring is slightly smaller than the standard kit black O-ring. The smaller inner diameter O-ring better prevents oil from leaking out of the gear differential.

    • Set contains eight red O-rings.

    Specs and Features

    • 1050 Ball Bearing (3mm Thick) x 2
    • Use as a spare part for Item 42216.
    Tamiya Racing Wing α 54457 Tamiya TA06 Gear Differential Unit Bevel Gear Set 51460 Tamiya TB03 Lightweight Urethane Bumper 84049

    Bevel Gear Set for the Tamiya New Gear Differential.

    Fits the Tamiya TA06 and TA06 PRO differentials and the Tamiya Items 42197 & 54312.


    • TB-03
    • TRF416
    • TRF417
    • TRF415
    • TB-EVO 5
    • TA05 MS
    SPEC-R C.V. Universal Swing Shaft Small Parts SPR001-SP Tamiya TA05 IFS Carbon Reinforced F Parts Hub Carrier 4 Degree 54031 Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish Border Black 42246

    This is the replacement part for Spec-R C.V. Universal Swing Shaft

    These new hub carriers are made from carbon fiber-reinforced resin material for increased durability. Tougher hub carriers also mean sharper steering response, giving the car better handling characteristics.

    *Compatible Chassis: TA05 Ver.2, TA05-IFS, TRF416, TRF417, TB03, TB Evo 5 MS, FF03

    Tamiya TRF Damper Piston 3-Hole 4pcs 53573 Tamiya TRF416 E Parts Rear Upright 51333 Tamiya Medium Narrow Soft Inner Foam 2pcs 53434

    These pistons are made out of solid Teflon material to ensure smooth shock movement when used on Tamiya's world famous TRF dampers for touring cars.

    *This is from the latest shipment will fit on TRF417 New Style Universal Joint.

    A pair of Medium-Narrow Soft Inner Foams from Tamiya.

    Suitable for low temperatures.

    For 24mm width OR Tamiya medium-narrow reinforced tires.

    SPECS: Thickness: 3mm Width: 18mm

    Tamiya TRF417 Ball Differential Plate 2pcs 51442 Tamiya TRF Sticker C Mirror Finish 42234 Tamiya TRF Damper Piston 2-Hole 4pcs 53572

    Specs & Features

  • These are the Ball Diff Plates for the TRF417 Chassis Kit (Item 42184).
  • Ball diff plate x 2pcs.

  • TRF Sticker C is now available with a stylish mirror finish version that provides eye-catching accents to your Tamiya R/C body set of choice.

    These pistons are made out of solid Teflon material to ensure smooth shock movement when used on Tamiya's world famous TRF dampers for touring cars.

    Tamiya 5x8mm Aluminum Hex Head Ball Connector 53907 Tamiya TRF Damper Large Diameter Spring Set 42278 Tamiya 3x8mm Hollow Titanium Screw 2pcs 42238

    Fit these large diameter springs to your touring car equipped with TRF dampers for enhanced performance. These springs are larger in diameter compared to Tamiya’s original spring sets by about 1.2mm. The set contains 3 different spring rates to allow fine-tuning of your car’s suspension. The set includes different colored tubing so users are able to differentiate between spring rates quickly and easily.

    Set Contents:

  • Soft Large Diameter Spring x2
  • Medium Large Diameter Spring x2
  • Hard Large Diameter Spring x2
  • All springs have an inside diameter of 14mm.
  • Identification Marking Tubes
  • Recommended for use with Item 42192 TRF Damper Large Diameter Retainer (4pcs.)

  • These hollow screws are made from titanium and offer more durability than standard steel hollow screws.

    3x8mm Hollow Titanium Screw x2

    Tamiya Damper X-Rings 70 Durometer 8pcs 42215 Tamiya Ball Differential Pully 37T Black 84051 Tamiya Separate Suspension Mount Setting Spacer 0.5mm 4pcs 54479

    These Damper X-rings have X-shaped cross-sections and offer increased oil sealing effect compared to standard O-rings with circular cross-sections.

    Made from special silicone material, these X-rings also maintain their shape, and therefore their sealing ability, for a longer period of time.

    This makes them ideal for use with Aeration Dampers such as Item 42198 Buggy HL Aeration Damper Set and Item 54028 Buggy Aeration Oil Filled Damper Set.

    Item 42214 is designed for use with silicone damper oil while Item 42215 is for mineral based damper oil.

    Specs and Features

    • Damper X-Ring (70 Durometer) x 8pcs.
    • Designed for use with mineral damper oil.
    • May Usable With Tamiya TRF Touring Car Damper At Customer Own Risk *Information by Professional Racers
    Tamiya TRF417 Parts Hop Ups