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Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector 4pcs 9804205 Tamiya 3mm Nut 10pcs. 9805896 Tamiya 56533 1/14 RC Tractor Truck Matte Finish Gearbox Case B Parts
No Original Packaging.
NOTE: These items are taken from Tamiya Open Box Chassis Kit, No Original Packing
Tamiya #56524 Carbon Reinforced Matte Finish Diff Housing for Tractor Truck 1/14 Tamiya 1/14 scale tractor truck models TAMIYA 56525 R/C Carbon Reinforced Matte Finish Axle for Semi-Trailer 1/14 Tamiya Sticker Set for 1/14 Scale R/C Truck & Trailer 56534

These option parts are strengthened versions of the A parts from Item 56301 King Hauler. The molded polycarbonate is reinforced with carbon fibers to increase toughness, while the matte finish improves the models realistic look.

  • Carbon reinforced matte finish diff housing x1
  • Compatible with any Tamiya 1/14 scale tractor truck models.

These option parts are strengthened versions of the B parts from Item 53602. The carbon reinforced molded polycarbonate parts offer increased strength. They are particularly useful for frequent towing. You can expect better axle shape retention and gear durability when using this reinforced part.

  • Carbon Reinforced Matte Finish Axle x2
  • Compatible with Items 56302, 56306 & 56333.
  • If using with Item 56310, only parts B1, B6, B13 & B14 are compatible.
  • Not compatible with Tractor Trucks or Carson Trailers.

This sticker set allows you to customize the look of you semi-tractor and semi-trailer truck.

  • Stickers depict markings, which are seen on European trucks.
  • Contains a range of stickers to depict national identification marks, warning markings, speed limitations, individual letters/numbers, and much more!
  • A large number of different designs mean that you will be able to create an individual scheme.
  • Usable with any 1:14 scale tractor truck body.
Tamiya Reinforced Joint Cup Bevel Gear Set For 4x2 Tractor Truck 56529 Tamiya Aluminum Coupler Lever Plate for Tractor Truck 56535

This joint cup set features newly-designed parts to replace the kit-standard parts. They are made from a heat-treated alloy which features greater resistance to wear and tear. They are attached by pin and axle ring, which leads to smoother rotation and less tendency for the joint to come apart.

  • Reinforced Bevel Pinion Gear x1
  • Reinforced Joint Cup x2
  • F-350 Ring Gear x1
  • Differential Shaft x1
  • Compatible with 4x2 R/C tractor truck models.

Aluminum parts give a more authentic weighty feel when compared to kit-standard plastic parts. This coupler lever plate is a part used in the coupler unit of R/C tractor truck models, which enables the use of separately available support legs. The aluminum part gives Tamiya's RC semi-trucks a more realistic look.


  • Aluminum Coupler Lever Plate x1
  • Screws and other small parts necessary for attachment are included.
  • Compatible with 1/14 scale R/C tractor trucks.  
  • Note this part can also be attached when separately available support legs are not being used.