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Welcome To LiteHawk

Design and Performance. Big words for sure. We want you to have the very best product at a price that simply makes sense. Affordable. We all want to have fun! LiteHawk brings you some of the world’s very best Radio Controlled toys, thoughtfully designed.... tortuously tested in development - they are all ready for you!

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LiteHawk Inner CNC Metal Chassis 285-004 LiteHawk Main Rotor Blade Mount Lower 285-010 LiteHawk Main Rotor Blade Mount Upper 285-009A
LiteHawk Main Rotor Shaft / Gear Set for Version 1 285-013 LiteHawk Main Rotor Stabilizer Boom 285-011 LiteHawk Motor Mount 285-006

This Main Rotor Shaft Set is only fir Lite Hawk Ver.1. It doesn't fit on Ver. 2 or Ver. 3

What to see which Lite Hawk Verison you have, plesae see the below picture:

LiteHawk Outer CNC Metal Chassis 285-003 LiteHawk Tail Support Rods 285-014 LiteHawk Rotor Blades A 285-007
LiteHawk Rotor Blades B 285-008 LiteHawk Stabilizer Boom Connector 285-016 LiteHawk Landing Gear 285-002
LiteHawk PRO Main Rotor Stablizer Boom 285-411 LiteHawk PRO Pitch Control Rack 285-417 LiteHawk PRO Pre Finished Body Red 285-401R
LiteHawk PRO Tail Rotor Blade 285-418 LiteHawk PRO CNC Metal Chassis 285-404 LiteHawk PRO Landing Gear 285-408
LiteHawk PRO Lower Rotor Mount Assembly 285-414 LiteHawk PRO Motor Mount 285-407 LiteHawk PRO Tail Support Rods 285-412
LiteHawk PRO Upper Rotor Mount 285-413 LiteHawk PRO Main Gear Shaft 285-415 LiteHawk XL Landing Gear 285-311
LiteHawk XL Power Input Plug 285-321 LiteHawk XL Power Switch 285-320 LiteHawk XL Pre Finished Body Red 285-301R
LiteHawk XL Tail Support Rods 285-310 LiteHawk XL Gear Shaft Set 285-312 LiteHawk XL Lower Rotor Assembly 285-307