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Muchmore RACING Oil Mix Silicone Diaphragm 30 Deg. Blue for Shock MK-R04 Muchmore RACING Oil Mix Silicone Diaphragm 40 Deg. White for Shock MK-R05 Muchmore RACING Oil Mix Silicone Diaphragm 50 Deg. Marine Blue for Shock MK-R06
Muchmore RACING Euro Connector Small Male 2pcs CE-SM Muchmore RACING Matched Battery Data Protect Film 30pcs MR-MPF Muchmore RACING Head Logo Decal Big Size MR-D16

Much More Racing Battery Data Protect Film

Strong adhesive, water proof, protects the data on your battery

Includes 30pcs of Matched Battery Data Protect Film

Length: 35.30mm , Width: 28mm

Muchmore RACING Logo Decal White & Black MR-WBS Muchmore RACING Shock Pressure Seat Set MK-R07 Muchmore RACING Euro Connector Small Female 10pcs CE-SF
Muchmore RACING Motor & ESC Cooling Fan 25mmx25mm MR-25FAN Muchmore RACING Cutting Fluid for Commu Lathe 20ml CHE-CF Muchmore RACING Spin Lube for Bushings 20ml CHE-SM


  • 25x25x10mm
  • DC5V, 0.05A
  • Dual ball bearings.
  • Pre-wired with receiver connector.
  • For ESCs and Motors
Muchmore RACING Noise Capacitor for Receiver RN-CA Muchmore RACING Noise Killer Clamp Filter Big for Charger 2pcs MN-BF Muchmore RACING Power Master Terminal Extension Kit MR-PTE
Muchmore RACING Schottki Diode PCB Type 12A MS-P12 Muchmore RACING Wire Heatsink Blue MR-WCB Muchmore RACING Power Station Mini Multi Distributor Purple MR-PSMP
Muchmore RACING LiPo Charger 1-4 Cell Auto MM-CTXLI Muchmore RACING Brush Setter All Round Brush MK-BSP Muchmore RACING Hand Reamer Diameter 3.05mm Double Lines MK-T01

Muchmore LiPo Pocket Charger.

  • Designed for 1-4 cell Lithium Polymer batteries ONLY (NOT for Lithium Ion batteries)
  • 0.3 - 3000mA selectable Charge current
  • Audio alarm for voltage input errors, output reverse polarity and open circuit errors
  • LED indicators for charge state
  • 120 day limited warranty by Manufacturer (Much More Racing)
  • REQUIRES 12V Power Supply
  • Do not apply more than 15V to the charger input as permanent damage could result.
  • Input Voltage: 11-15V DC
  • Battery Types, # Cells: 1-4 Lithium Polymer cells (3.6-14.4V LiPo)
  • Charge Current: 300, 500, 700 mA and 1, 2, 3 Amps
  • Input Connectors: Alligator clips Case Size: 2.2" x 1.0" x 3.6" (57 x 25 x 93mm)
  • Weight: 3.6oz (102g)
  • Length of Input Lead: 9" (228mm)
  • Length of Output Lead: 8" (204mm)

For standard or lay-down brushes

Use it to smooth-up the Suspension Arm movement. Use for the Suspension Arm equipped with 3mm Suspension Shaft.

Muchmore RACING Selectable Thermo Sensor MS-TS Muchmore RACING CTX Commu Lathe Blue MR-MCMB

  • New
    convenient handle.

  • Accurate, light weight commu lathe.

  • Cutting
    fluid, carrying box and other maintenance tools are included.

  • Optional diamond cutting bit. (A diamond bit and
    motor are not included in the kit)

  • Teflon
    way shims to assure the smoothest possible operation.

  • Improves motor performance.

  • Anodized to eliminate oxidation/corrosion.

  • Minimal