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HPI Spring 6x7x1.5mm Differential Black 2pcs A165 HPI Pro4 Suspension Shaft 2.5x24.5mm 2pcs 75119 HPI Washer 5x7x0.2mm 10pcs Z852
HPI Differential Thrust Washer 2.2x6mm 2pcs A166 HPI RS4 Pro4 Pro5 HB Cyclone Steering Block Bushing 4pcs 75122 HPI RS4 Pro4 Pro5 HB Cyclone Pivot Ball 3x5mm 4pcs 75121

Steering Block Bushings for the HPI RS4 PRO 4 & HB Cyclone.


  • Steel construction Flanged bushings


  • Inside diameter: 3mm (.11")
  • Outside diameter: 4mm (.17")

A package of replacement Pivot Balls for the HPI RS4 Pro 4 and HB Cyclone.

These pivot balls fit onto the ends of the suspension shafts.

3Racing Aluminum Differential Cushion for HOT BODIES CYCLONE 4pcs CY-08A HPI Heavy Duty Ball Cup 4.3x18mm 8pcs A302 HPI Pro4 HB R10 Bumper / Body Post Set 73513

Strong heavy duty nylon

Black in color


  • Eight 4.3 x 18mm Heavy Duty Ball Cups
  • One Ball Cup Holder (used to hold ball cup while tightening)
HPI Pro4 Steering Parts Set 73508 HPI Pro4 Polyoxmethylene Pivot Ball 3x5mm 8pcs 75172 HPI Machined Shock Piston Set 72210
HPI Pro4 Spring Set 75175
HPI Pro4 Spring Set 75175
Our Price: US$30.00

Tune your touring car to perfection with a complete range of HPI Racing springs, in one convenient package.

You get 7 pairs of springs specifically tuned by our Team Drivers for racing action, ranging from 273 gf/mm to 400 gf/mm, and colour coded for easy identification.


  • Two Springs Blue Rated 15.3 in/lb
  • Two Springs Silver Rated 16.9 in/lb
  • Two Springs Pink Rated 18.0 in/lb
  • Two Springs Gold Rated 19.0 in/lb
  • Two Springs White Rated 20.3 in/lb
  • Two Springs Yellow Rated 21.7 in/lb
  • Two Springs Red Rated 22.4 in/lb


  • Length: 25mm
  • Diameter: 17.18mm Outer, 14.68mm Inter.