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Tamiya F103GT. F103RM, F1 Chassis Parts, Hop Ups
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Tamiya Steel Antenna Open Box No Hardware 50195SP Tamiya F103GT Car Antenna Holder Set 50829 Tamiya TRF Short Damper Spring Soft 2pcs 53630
Tamiya Silver Coil Spring 2pcs 9805699
This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.
Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set. Tamiya 2mm C Ring 8pcs 9465516 9805478 84171 Tamiya TRF Damper Oil Seal 4pcs 53576

This is the pair of Tamiya Silver Coil Spring.

Spring Rate is between the Blue and Yellow Springs from Tamiya 53440 ON-ROAD Tuned Hard Spring Set.

These damper oil seals are direct replacements for Tamiya TRF touring car dampers. Racer Tip: Adding o-rings or foam bushings between the rubber oil seal and plastic damper cap will yield different damping effects.
Yeah Racing Stainless Steel Hex Socker Flat Head Screw 4x30mm F104-143 Yeah Racing Stainless Steel Hex Socket Flat Head Screw 4x25mm F103RM-138 Tamiya F103GT Spur Gear Set 70T 51230
For: Tamiya F104, F104X1, F104 PRO, F103GT
  • For: Tamiya F103, F103 15TH, F103RM, F103LM
  • Color: Silver
  • Yeah Racing Alloy Rear Axles M03-131BK Tamiya 5mm Disc Spring 5pcs 84174 Tamiya 4mm Flange Locknut for 57602 9805557
    For: Tamiya M03, M04, M05, M05 Ver.II, M06, FF02, F103GT Chassis, HPI Formula 10
    • 5mm Disc spring x 5pcs.
    • These disc springs are used with Item 54158 F104 Aluminum Diff Housing Set, Item 53663 Ball Differential Set (TT-01, TGS), and Item 53070 Manta Ray Ball Differential Set.
    Tamiya Adjuster Rod for 58367 Direct Drive Tour Chassis 9808054 Tamiya Steel Antenna 50195 Tamiya Friction Plate for 58367 Direct Drive Tour Chassis 4315014
    Tamiya Steel Antenna 50195
    Our Price: US$3.00

    This is an optional part for R/C vehicles - a steel receiver antenna.

    This piece replaces your receiver antenna with a 2mm thick piece of steel wire.


    More durable antenna

    Some "roll over" help (if your vehicle "goes on its lid" this antenna is stiff and may put the vehicle right-side-up).

    Tamiya Racing Developed Front Upright 2pcs 50395UR Tamiya Racing Developed F1 Aluminum Front Body Mount 53120 Tamiya P Parts 0115065
    Tamiya P Parts 0115065
    Our Price: US$4.00

    Usable with:

  • 58202 Mecedes-Benz SLK
  • 58198 PIAA Reynard 97D Nakajima
  • 58197 Porsche Boxster
  • 58196 Honda S-MX Lowdown

  • Tamiya Friction Damper Post Set for F103 & F104 Chassos 84223 Tamiya F103GT Rear Wheel Mount L 51232 Tamiya 3x42mm TurnBuckle Shaft 9805902

    Friction Damper Post x 1pc.

    Adjuster Nut x 1pc.

    Friction Damper Spring x 2pcs.

    Friction Damper Pole x 1pc.

    Screws, nuts and washer also included.

    Compatible with F103 and F104 series chassis machines.

    Usable with: 58395 Durga.
    Tamiya RD Special King Pin Set Racing Developed 53119 Tamiya TRF Damper Piston 3-Hole 4pcs 53573 Tamiya 4mm Aluminum Lock Nut 54080

    These pistons are made out of solid Teflon material to ensure smooth shock movement when used on Tamiya's world famous TRF dampers for touring cars.

    Tamiya RM01 Pitch Spring Set 54359 Tamiya E Parts for C Group Chassis 9005328 Tamiya F1 Spare Gear Set 50506

    The set contains 4 different springs to allow fine pitch damper setting adjustments to match the characteristics of a particular circuit.

    Specs and Features

    • Pitch Springs (Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard) x 1pc. each.
    • Compatible with RM-01 chassis.
    • Also Compatible with F103 & F104 Chassis installed with Tamiya 54341 Alu. Pitch Damper Set

    Usable with:

    • Tamiya C Group Chassis.
    • 58109 Nissan R91CP
    • 58102 Mazda 787B
    • 58092 Jaquar XJR-12
    • 58088 Mercedes-Benz C11
    Tamiya Metal Parts Bag for 84031 F103RM 9404916 Tamiya F103GT T Parts Upright 2pcs 51229 Tamiya 04 Module Spur Gear 93T 104T F103GT 53900

    Metal Parts Contains:

    • 3 X 8mm Screw X 1
    • 3 X 10mm Tapping Screw X 2
    • 3 X 8mm Tapping Screw X 4
    • 2 X 6mm Tapping Screw X 4
    • 2 X 6mm Flat Tapping Screw X 4
    • 3mm Washer X 1
    • Body Mount X 1
    • Snap Pin X 3
    • Double-Sided Tape X 1

    0.4 Module spur gear features finer teeth than standard kit-included 0.6 module gear, allowing minute ratio adjustment to improve acceleration and efficiency. Gear contains molybdenum for reduced friction resistance.

    *Compatible chassis: Mesh with #53101 to #53101 (0.4 pinion gear) to use with F104, F103 and C Car chassis